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This is a template. If you know the broker information and want to populate this section, please send the information to us using our contact page.

Website:Website not available

Forum link:Forum on IraqStockX currently not available

Register:You must register with the Iraq Stock Exchange: Learn how

Open Account:Open an account with ISX Broker: Form not available

Wire Info:-Send funds in US dollars (Your broker will exchange the dollars for dinars at the current day exchange rate).
  -Beneficiary Name: N/A.
  -Beneficiary Account #: N/A(this is the Broker Name account # at Bank Name)
  -Beneficiary Bank Address: N/A.
  -Beneficiary Bank City: N/A.
  -Beneficiary Bank Country: N/A.
  -Beneficiary Bank Name: Bank Name.
  -Beneficiary Bank SWIFT code: N/A.
  -Additional Instructions (This is how your account gets credited at Broker Name): Credit to: your name and your account number at Broker Name.

* is provided by Aelius Group, LLC. We have no direct affiliation with the Iraq Stock Exchange.  Aelius Group is an information systems company providing information to foreign investors who desire to invest in the Iraq Stock Exchange. Aelius Group does not offer investment advice. We strongly recommend that you check with your attorney, accountant, or financial advisor before using any information from this site.  Aelius Group is in no way responsible for any investments in Iraq made with information from this site. There is no way to confirm the legitimacy, accuracy, or business practices of Bank Brokers or the Iraq Stock Exchange using  Investors who choose to utilize the process provided through do so at their own risk and take all responsibilities upon themselves to investigate the legitimacy of the process and business practices of Bank Brokers and the Iraqi Stock Exchange.
Investing money in Iraq is very risky. You should therefore consult with a professional investment advisor before making any investments.
Read about investing in Iraq at STATEMENT
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