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Known Splits and Dividends - from the IraqStockX Split/Dividend Tool
Sumer Bank 12/15/20074% split  
Sumer Bank 5/17/20108% split  
Al-Khaimar Finan Invest 10/17/201215% Split  
United Bank 7/5/201012% dividend  
United Bank 7/27/201120% Split  
United Bank 6/7/201220% Split  
Elaf Islamic Bank 10/23/201219.9% Split  
Al-Khair Invest 2/11/20109% dividend  
Al-Kindi Vet Vacc 1/17/201325% Split  
Al-Mamoura Realestate 7/15/20066.5% split  
Al-Mamoura Realestate 7/15/200915% split  
Al-Mamoura Realestate 5/26/201015% split  
Al-Mamoura Realestate 10/7/201210% Split  
Al-Mansour Pharm 7/21/201015% split  
Al-Mansour Pharm 3/26/20119% Split  
Al-Mansour Bank 3/20/201110.66% split  
Al-Ahlia Insur 9/15/20118% Split  
Al-Mousul Invest Bank 11/1/2005100% split  
Al-Mousul Invest Bank 7/1/200715% split  
Al-Mousul Invest Bank 1/22/200912% split  
Al-Mousul Invest Bank 5/16/201010% dividend  
Al-Mousul Invest Bank 7/11/201121.9 Split  
Al-Mousul Invest Bank 4/18/201213.3% Split  
Al-Warka Bank 9/1/200629% split  
Al-Warka Bank 7/1/200764.5% split  
Al-Warka Bank 5/4/200947.058% split  
Al-Warka Bank 2/21/201033.33% split  
Al-Wiaam Invest 6/6/201020% split  
Al-Wiaam Invest 7/12/20114% Split  
Al-Ameen Insur 8/3/201160% Split  
Ashour Bank 4/1/200820% split  
Babylon Bank 5/16/200715% dividend  
Babylon Bank 6/10/200825% split  
Babylon Bank 6/1/200920% split  
Babylon Bank 4/13/201115.443 Split  
Babylon Bank 11/28/20124.6% Split  
Baghdad Soft Drinks 6/23/20105% spllit  
Baghdad Soft Drinks 6/9/20114% Split  
Bank Of Baghdad 7/1/200835% split  
Bank Of Baghdad 7/1/200921% split  
Bank Of Baghdad 5/12/201018.674 split  
Bank Of Baghdad 7/26/201217.8% Split  
Credit Bank 11/1/2006100% split  
Credit Bank 9/1/200713.49% dividend  
Credit Bank 9/1/200840% split  
Credit Bank 8/1/200922% split  
Credit Bank 7/5/201017.6% split  
Credit Bank 6/29/201240% Split  
Dar Al-Salam Insur 9/22/200811% split  
Dar Al-Salam Invest Bank 8/1/2006100% split  
Economy Bank 11/26/200740% split  
Economy Bank 7/1/200962% split  
Economy Bank 7/29/201113% Split  
Economy Bank 9/27/20129% Split  
Electronic Industries 11/1/200920% Split  
Electronic Industries 4/24/201150% Split  
Gulf Bank 11/1/200816% split  
Gulf Bank 7/1/200927% split  
Gulf Bank 5/10/20116.16% Split  
Gulf Bank 10/1/20129.67% Split  
Union (Etehad) Bank 5/25/201119.6% Split  
Union (Etehad) Bank 9/10/20123.57% Split  
Al-Badia Gen Tran 9/24/201025% split  
Iraqi Ag Product 8/1/200920% split  
Iraqi Ag Product 10/17/201020% dividend  
Iraqi Date Processing 1/20/201315% Split  
Iraqi Engineering Works 10/21/200930% split  
Iraqi Engineering Works 11/20/201230% Split  
Iraqi Investment Bank 8/1/200619% split  
Iraqi Investment Bank 3/1/200826% split  
Iraqi Investment Bank 7/1/200920% split  
Iraqi Investment Bank 6/13/201020.03% split  
Iraqi Investment Bank 7/28/201114.66 Split  
Iraqi Investment Bank 10/11/201214% Split  
Iraqi Islamic Bank 10/7/201211% Split  
Iraqi Land Transport 10/1/200870% split  
Iraqi Land Transport 11/10/200950% dividend  
Iraqi Land Transport 10/25/201091% split  
Iraqi Meat Production 10/17/201210% Split  
Al-Basrah Bank 10/15/2005128% split  
Al-Basrah Bank 7/1/200825% dividend  
Al-Basrah Bank 12/1/200835% split  
Iraqi Middle East Bank 1/1/200626.6% split  
Iraqi Middle East Bank 7/15/200642% split  
Iraqi Middle East Bank 8/15/200714.184%  
Iraqi Middle East Bank 6/5/200835.45 split  
Iraqi Middle East Bank 5/15/200930.95% split  
Iraqi Middle East Bank 5/27/201020% split  
Iraqi Middle East Bank 6/14/201225% Split  
Metallic Indust and Bicyc 8/24/20087.5% dividend  
Modern Chemical Indust 7/3/201220% Split  
Modern Paint Industries 7/24/200815% dividend  
National (Civilian) Bank 4/1/200920% split  
National (Civilian) Bank 7/22/20124.5% Split  
North Bank 8/24/200812% dividend  
North Bank 7/1/20105% split  
North Bank 8/3/201120% Split  
North Bank 8/27/201220% Split  
Northern Soft Drinks 10/15/200560% split  
Northern Soft Drinks 3/1/2007132% split  
Northern Soft Drinks 1/1/20092% split  
Oil Products Transport 12/1/200825% dividend  
Palestine Hotel 7/25/200947% split  

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